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kaushik.iit March 4, 2014 08:07

Urgent: Hydrocyclone

I have simulated a hydrocyclone using Fluent (Ansys 13.0). I am using water as the primary phase and air as the secondary phase. I am using VoF and RSM models. Also I am activating DPM and using hypothetical discrete inert particles of density 2500 kg/m3. I am defining a surface injection originating from inlet.

After running the simulations, I am getting satisfactory velocity profiles (countours), pressure countours and phase distributions also. I am also able to visulaize the particle tracks. When I go to REPORTS > DISCRETE PHASE > SAMPLE, I get a .dpm file for the selected boundaries (i.e. inlet, overflow and underflow) for the selected injections.

I want to calculate the solid weight concentrations at the outlet boundaries i.e. (overflow and underflow). If I open the .dpm file in Microsoft Excel, I get following fields

( x y z u v w diameter t mass-flow mass frequency time name)

I request you to kindly tell me what does 't', 'frequency' and 'time' signify in the above? Also how to calculate the solid weight concentration at the outlet boundaries as I require these to calculate the frequency for frequency distribution?

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