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Jeronimo97 April 2, 2014 14:52

Ansys Workbench Thermal-Stress Coupling - 2D Hot Rolling simulation

This job is about a 2D modelling of an Hot Rolling process. I've already made the transient thermal and the static structural simulation in Ansys Workbench, and now it's necessary to couple both thermal and stress systems.
Both systems have already been made in Ansys 14.5 (Workbench envirnment).

It's a simple job, but my lack ok knowledge in Ansys coupling coding is my limitation on this project.

The Model:
- Is composed by 2 rolls and a steel bar. Due to the symmetry of the model only one roll and half of the bar is simulated.
- The simulation is performed when the roll moves down and the bar moves to the left. As such, the bar is pulled from her left end and the roll is displaced down in Y axis.

Boundary Conditions (Pictures sent in private message):

-A: In the roll there is remote displacement in Y axis only (Remote disp. in X is 0 and rotation in Z is free); The roll rotates freely, without torque applied, and the contact between the roll and the steel bar is made by friction;
-B: In the symmetry plane along the middle section of steel bar there is a frictionless support to allow the steel bar to be pulled;
-C: In the steel bar there is displacement only in X axis(Free in Y axis);

-A, B, C and D: There is convection and radiation in the roll and steel bar surfaces.
-E: Inside the roll there is a fixed temperature of 30C to simulate the refrigeration water in the roll;
-There is conduction in the contact zone between the roll and the steel bar;
-The heat generation due to the plastic deformation and friction in the contact zone is negligible;
-The steel bar initial temperature is 830C and the roll temperature is 250C.

All the settings like temperatures and boundary conditions are already defined in both models provided afterwards in attachment.

The purpose of this job is to create a fully (direct) coupling system (or other suggested by you) that combines both static (or transient if more convenient) structural system with the transient thermal system already simulated independently.

It's highly preferred that the coupling simulation could be made with the Command Snippet inside the static structural system so that I can evaluate the results myself later.
The simulation should be performed with a very small refined mesh (lets say 2000 elements) because Im under pressure with the deadline to submit this project.

Please feel free to contact me for any further information you need .

Thank you,

Hemen Shah April 2, 2014 16:14

Hello Guilherme,

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sfmoabdu April 2, 2014 16:58

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desservecfd August 23, 2014 02:21

We can simulate for either "both transient environment" or "both steady state environment". The problem you're facing rightnow is, you are trying to couple the temperatures from a transient environment and export them to a structural which is not having any time domain!. Let us know if you need help.


Jeronimo97 August 23, 2014 20:30

Hi desservecfd. Thanks for your help.
I ended up simplifying the problem and it's already solved.

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