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sanandtv August 12, 2014 05:44

centrifugal seal
hi i am working on centrifugal seals where the interface between air and a rotating liquid core is to be tracked. I am planning to do in ANSYS CFX. Anybody has done anything on this area? thanks in advance....

Martin_Sz August 12, 2014 08:19

You must describe your problem more precize. And drawing will be important too.
Best regards

Hemen Shah August 12, 2014 08:42


Hi-Tech has done projects in this vertical and will be happy to assist you in your project.

Please visit : for our services.

Please email me more details of the requirement at

Looking forward to hear from you.

sanandtv August 14, 2014 10:37

hi...thanks for the reply..can u give ur mail id..? i will send a schematic of the problem to you.I have a liquid at some pressure > atmospheric to be sealed. I am planning to used a centrifugal seal for this purpose, wherein a disc mounted on a shaft is rotated at some angular velocity. The liquid to be sealed is supplied axially to the disc on one end. Due to centrifugal action the fluid is held against gravity on the other end, there by preventing it from going out (sealing) as long as the disc rotates. I want to predict the interface between the liquid and air with CFD. I am fairly new to CFD, tired many methods, but not successful.

Hemen Shah August 14, 2014 11:12


My email id is
You can forward the drawings on this id.


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