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zxaar September 14, 2005 16:49

Descretisation issue
Michail i think, Since we are usually solving a transport equation, and nonorthogonal meshes are now rule and exception, when we write descretisation it is understood we talk about them too (as a subset of non-ortho mesh).

Anyway, main this, if you wish to divide them into lot of small subsection you can still do it, but do it on the page that comes after clicking the global link. So decretisation


--- Convective term

--- Diffusive term

Now when you click diffusive term link, it takes you to new page, Here you can subdivide the topic

Orthogonal treatment

Non-orthogonal treatment

The reason i am saying so is, all the topics on the top pages could be expanded into a long list, which will create lot of confusion for reader. And this is last thing we wish to do. I hope you got my point.

Michail September 14, 2005 17:55

Re: Descretisation issue
That's good, but I don't now how to create new page

By the way, I'm trying to include some equation, but Wiki TeX doesn't want to eat it. Can You help me a little?

Michail September 14, 2005 18:07

Re: Descretisation issue
I found the solution, thanks

zxaar September 14, 2005 18:08

Re: Descretisation issue
What you are supposed to do is, just put the text like this, (as u r already doing)

diffusion term [[orthogonal term]] [[non-orthogonal term]]

now after saving it, it will take you to new page, you can work on those pages, But keep in mind that only the first letter of title of the page you create shall be capital.

i usually will be modifying some text, you are not able to change, but am not doing becuase its not good idea to poke into someones work when he is working. the things you think have to be fixed, just leave them like that, and put a note there that someone should fix it, people will fix it. for example, just leave the formula in best form you have or in text (that is put some space in the start of line and it remains just a text)

Michail September 14, 2005 18:19

Re: Descretisation issue
Dear Arjun, I noticed this, and I can say only "Thanks"

Please, make an example with Diffusion term, and I'll do the same with the rest.

zxaar September 14, 2005 18:27

Re: Descretisation issue
i have started to work with diffusive term, but i will not be creating links from that pages untill they are needed. Lets see.

zxaar September 14, 2005 18:38

Re: Descretisation issue
i have moved convective terms to the page, please click the link

Michail September 14, 2005 18:50

Re: Descretisation issue
Thank You very much

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