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Jonas Larsson September 14, 2005 17:37

FYI: CD-adapco has offered to help with their FAQ
I just thought that I'd inform you that CD-adapco's support manager called me today. Apparantly the rumor has reached him that we are working on a Wiki here and that it is intended to include a FAQ section.

He offered to help with the CD-adapaco/STAR-CD FAQ. I welcomed his offer and said that he and his personnel are of course, as everyone else, welcome to contribute to the Wiki. I think that they will start adding some questions and answers to the CD-adapco FAQ soon. I'll also invite him to join this forum. I hope that is okay with you.

As commercial companies join us in adding stuff to the Wiki I think that it is extra important that we all remember how important it is to write things in a neutral point of view. For more info see:

Without this principle the Wiki could quickly become filled with a lot of commercial advertising and glossy market slogans.

zxaar September 14, 2005 17:42

Re: FYI: CD-adapco has offered to help with their
Neutral point of view is very important, However, you can again contact other user support, giving example that CD-Adapco is also filling the FAQ and that helps in their support only, i am sure once one commercial compnay has done it, others wish to do it too. It would be great if companies can fill most of FAQs,

by the way, i think once on fluents web page i saw FAQs, so they already have a small set of FAQs, may be around 20-30 question

Jonas Larsson September 15, 2005 08:04

Re: FYI: CD-adapco has offered to help with their
Good suggestion. My plan is to contact companies about this soon. I thought I'd wait a few weeks though, until we have got a bit of more content and structure in the Wiki. In this case CD-adapco contact me.

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