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zxaar September 14, 2005 17:45

book issue
Currently we have one book related to CFD, there are few other possible topics like Combustion, multiphase flows etc. We shall also keep in mind to provide books related to them too, so that if some user wish to add to these topics, he or / she shall do it there and not in main CFD text book

Jonas Larsson September 15, 2005 05:09

Re: book issue
I'm not really sure what you mean with "one book related to CFD", everything in the Wiki as it is now, belongs to the same namespace and is interlinked (or can be interlinked). A wiki is just a large number of independent articles which are interlinked. The structure is determined by how we link between articles. Links can always be changed and added later. The Wiki does not have a buildt-in tree structure. But we can of course create a tree-like structure by the links and the article/topic structure we build.

Perhaps we should have two new "trees" that - one for special topics, like the ones you mention ("Combusition", "Multi-Phase", ...) and one for special application areas ("Aerospace", "Automotive", "Turbomachinery", ...).

zxaar September 15, 2005 17:30

Re: book issue
Yes this is what i meant, we have to create more tree roots or links at top level.

Jonas Larsson September 16, 2005 05:54

Re: book issue
Okay, I have created two new links from the main page to "Application areas" and "Special topics". That will give new editors more "entry points" into the Wiki. I think one of the main problem with getting people to contribute is that they don't know where to start.

We should also think about using categories to inter-link and collect articles that have a common subject... I have for example made a couple of categories for "Dimensionless parameters" and "Famous persons" to give you an example for how categories can be used. Here are the links to them:

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