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zxaar September 14, 2005 18:30

Image uploading
There are lot of images we will be uploading, we might have to fix some rules to name them while uploading, for example, when i upload any image, i used


nm for numerical method, what others think???

Michail September 14, 2005 18:37

Re: Image uploading
I agree.



TT - topic name

Section - Section name

theme - name of the conrete image

Praveen. C September 14, 2005 23:04

Re: Image uploading
Sounds like a good idea.

Jonas Larsson September 15, 2005 04:59

Re: Image uploading
Sounds good

jasond September 15, 2005 12:58

Re: Image uploading
One question - I have already uploaded a couple of images (for the lid-driven cavity article), so how would I change the files names for them to fit the format. I am failing to figure out how to do this in the wiki docs.


Jonas Larsson September 15, 2005 15:22

Re: Image uploading
I don't think that there is an easy way for you to rename an already uploaded image. But you can just upload the image again, give it the desired new name, and then remove all links to the old image. Then it will become an "orphaned" image and I, or another wiki admin, will regularly clean out orphaned images.

zxaar September 15, 2005 17:36

Re: Image uploading
I think you should decide on some format and put it one guide lines so that all the other new editors shall also follow this. And lets decide on some intitial acronyms to decide on images related to certain areas. For example for numerical models i am using

Nm_X for general images related to numeical methods Nm_section_subsection_name. for specific images

So we got to agree upon a set of such intial names for the sections.

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