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Harish September 20, 2005 12:42

Some confusion about editing
I was browsing through the dimensionless parameters to add one or two more numbers and I do not seem to remember how do I add a new article. Can someone advise me on doing it.


Praveen. C September 20, 2005 23:52

Re: Some confusion about editing
You can create a link like [[Reynolds number]] on some existing page. If "Reynolds number" page does not already exist then the link takes you to an edit page.

If you want to start a brand new page which is not linked anywhere, then do a search for "Reynolds number". If the page does not exist then the wiki will ask you whether you want to start a new page with that title.

For example, type "Divergence" in the search field and click on "Go". At the top you get

No page with "this exact title" exists, trying full text search.

"this exact title" will take you to an edit page.

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