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zxaar September 21, 2005 20:30

to jonas
i remeber you posted on main forum about ..we need more help on editors with wiki. i wanted to say one thing that, after some time that message has gone down in thepage and slowly it will disappear, and there are lot of postings on cfd forums, this means that when some one comes to page he might not even read that message that we need more wiki editors. could you do some thing that your message always remain on top of each forum, at least for soem more time. i hope more people will read it this way, at least some of them would think of making some contricutions then.

Jonas Larsson September 22, 2005 03:29

Re: to jonas
There is a direct link to that message from the front-page here:

I'm a bit hesitant to disturb the forum discussions too much by making a thread stay at the top all the time. Anyway, I'll post another message to the forums soon.

Please let me also say that all of you are of course very welcome to invite friends and colleagues to join our team. We need all the help we can get. Personally I'm quite happy with the development now. We have a steady flow of additions to the Wiki and are recruiting one new editor per days or so. If we keep this up the Wiki will soon be self-sustaining although it still isn't officially online and accessible from

Jonas Larsson September 25, 2005 06:57

Re: to jonas
I just posted another message on the main forum inviting people to join our Wiki team.

zxaar September 25, 2005 22:15

Re: to jonas
yaa i saw that, i think soon we shall be able to fill the remaining leafs on turbulence and numerical method links. And that shall conclude the very basic structure of the tree. then the only thing (and the biggest) task remaining will be to augment it. i think we will be able to make it by the end of oct. i am pretty much optimistic about it.

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