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Anurag Sharma September 22, 2005 00:40

Hi everyone,

I personally think that the nomenclature section could be made a subsection of the textbook, as it is most likely to be of relevance there. What do others think?

Regards Anurag

Jonas Larsson September 22, 2005 03:38

Re: Nomenclature
Yea, although nomenclature can of course be of interest also for other sections, it currently relates mostly to the the stuff we have in the textbook. Besides, the nomenclatre is not very up-to-date. It is mainly just the nomenclature from my thesis, which I cut-and-pasted there some time ago. Others have added a lot of pages after that and the nomenclature hasn't really been updated. So having it as the first link on the front page is perhaps not that good.

Hence, I don't have any objections if you want to link to it from the textbook instead of from the front-page (remember that the Wiki doesn't have a "location" for the Nomenclature, its "location" is just defined by which other pages that link to it).

Anurag Sharma September 22, 2005 08:09

Re: Nomenclature
OK, I have moved the nomenclature section to Textbook. We can move it back to the mail page once it has more content.

Thanks. Anurag

Jonas Larsson September 22, 2005 08:15

Re: Nomenclature
Great, it looks better.

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