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Jonas Larsson September 25, 2005 05:07

Wiki review board
I'm trying to put together a Wiki review board - a group of experts who regularly will go through and review the content and suggest improvements. I think that it is important to have something like this in order to ensure the quality of the content. Besides, it is a good way to make the CFD Wiki more well known among CFD gurus.

So far I've only sent out a few invitations to people I think would be suitable as members of a Wiki review board. I've also put up a page to list the review board members here:

Have you got any suggestions on suitable people to invite to the review board? For example, Michail and zxaar, who would you like to review your excellent work in the numerics section? Praveen and Jasond, who do you think would be good to review the validation and test-cases section?

Michail September 25, 2005 05:19

Re: Wiki review board
Yes Jonas, You are completely right.

I tryed to do this. I have sent letters to two professors -

- to Dr. Eugeniy M. Smirnov from Saint-Petersburg State Technical University (he is my unofficial chief and superviser)

- to Dr. Seok Ki Choi from Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (he helped me a lot with articles)

But my chief only said - "continue your work"

and my E-mail to Dr. Seok Ki Choi was undelivered (I don't know the reason).

Of course that would be nice to get some recommendations and suggestions, but I haven't a lot of guru who can help me.

Michail September 25, 2005 06:43

Re: Wiki review board
Dr. Seok Ki Choi - developed his own approximation scheme and performed its comparison. So his opinion I would be glad to heard.

H. Jassak also proposed a scheme of approximasion (GAMMA), so he also can tell something. Besides he is almost near God in unstructured grids computations.

Simon Gant from UMIST performed an excellent work in develpment of all functions, also he can add a complete description of non-orthogonal N.S. equations. In his work he presented a complete computation of Ahmed body test.

Dr. Lars Davidson proposed CHARM scheme, he definetively should express his opinion

also we should ask for help DELFT and VKI

zxaar September 25, 2005 22:25

Re: Wiki review board
i liked the idea, but in my case i would not be able to suggest anyone. The reason is, i never done any CFD or numerical methods course in my life. the only prof who helped me (indirectly) works in combustion engg and i know he keeps very very busy. i also think 5 times before i bother him.

in coming months i will be contributing to combustion engg links too, when i will try to implement flamelet and eddy dissipation models to my solver code. but at the moment i wish we had the basic textbook more than detailed few articles. This gives reader a sense of completeness (which is most important for release to people).

jasond September 27, 2005 13:52

Re: Wiki review board
I can't think of anybody in particular for the test cases section. Are we talking academics here, or would industrial people work (for your purposes)?


Jonas Larsson September 27, 2005 18:25

Re: Wiki review board
Anyone who you think would be suitable.

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