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Salvador September 29, 2005 05:45

Hi everyone,

Just finish registering and ready to join the team. I am just going through the basics of editing, I do not have much experience with Wikipedia but I am quick learner.

I have several years experience in CFD (although all of them in the academic world writing codes), and I am just started my second post-doc in turbulent combustion with LES, adding CMC (Conditional Moment Closure) and now Eulerian PDF models. Previously, I did my PhD in supersonic flow, mainly shock wave boundary layer interaction so I can also contribute there. Is anything on the Wiki about Riemann Solvers ?, I could not find them. And some comments on parallel computing?

Hope to interact with you all



Jonas Larsson September 29, 2005 06:32

Re: Hello
Welcome Salvador! Your experience complements our team perfectly.

About your questions. I don't think that there is anything about Riemann solvers in the Wiki yet. Michail has been working hard on a very ambitious description of discretization schemes for structured grids, see:

I think most of this is focused on incompressible flow though.

The "table of contents" for the numerics section can be found here:

If you want to write something about Riemann solvers please feel free to pick an exsiting place or create a new page for it wherever you think it fits best. Once we have the material in the wiki it is easy to restructure it.

There is nothing about parallel computing in the Wiki either, so any contributions in this area are of course also very valuable. I'm not sure about the best place to put it, it could be in the "Textbook" section or it could be a in the "Special Topics" section. Perhaps the later is preferable. What do you other guys think? In any case it doesn't matter much "where" you put it. Once the material is in the Wiki its "place" is just determined by which pages that link to it, so moving it is easy - you just change the links to it.

For your reference, the LES material is here:


and the Combustion material is here:


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