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Jonas Larsson September 29, 2005 16:50

What do you need help with?
We've got offers to help with the Wiki from a few fairly inexperienced CFD students. They have volunteered to help with whatever things we need help with but they don't feel that that have the knowledge to take the lead on a large Wiki section on their own.

Hence, if you see any tasks in your current Wiki efforts where you think a fairly inexperience student could help and wich you would like to have some help with then please post these tast here and I'll try to refer some of these students to help you.

Praveen. C September 30, 2005 00:15

Re: What do you need help with?
I have asked some of my friends to give their reports, thesis, etc. if they themselves dont have time to write in the wiki. Nobody has responded yet but I am hopeful. I could take help in converting the latex syntax to wiki syntax.

Jonas Larsson September 30, 2005 05:05

Re: What do you need help with?
Sounds like a good task, perhaps we should create a small page in the wiki where we list such tasks which anyone is invited to do. We could also upload latex source files there.

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