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zxaar October 3, 2005 02:34

Travelling bettween the wiki pages
I have noticed that once we read any article, there is no means of going back to top level pages, the only solution is to click back button on browser. By seeing this, i have added a link

Return to Numerical methods

At the bottom of each page related to numerical methods tree. I am slowly going to add one more link at the bottom, that shall take to parent page of the link.

I suggest that we shall keep such links at the bottom of each page, with structure as

<LI>top most link of section (in this case its numerical methos ) <LI>then parent link, and then <LI>additional pages or link authers want to suggest reader to go to.

Praveen. C October 3, 2005 03:44

Re: Travelling bettween the wiki pages
It is better to use the Category feature of the wiki. See for example

which is under the category "Dimensionless parameters". Also we can have a related pages section. A single return link may be too restrictive since there will be lot of inter-connection between topics.

zxaar October 3, 2005 04:13

Re: Travelling bettween the wiki pages
Yes this is a good idea, i will look into this more, but we shall give this issue a little thought.

Jonas Larsson October 3, 2005 04:19

Re: Travelling bettween the wiki pages
An alternative is to use a template to create a table of contents for a certain section which you then can include on many pages. Wikipedia does this sometimes.

zxaar October 3, 2005 04:37

Re: Travelling bettween the wiki pages
Template is good idea, my thinking was to gie reader an option to travel to some important sections related to the topic we are writing. For example at any sub section of turbulence, i might want to go to the title page Turbulence or to another main subsection two equation models and i might just want to travel to parent of the page, this is useful when u come to this page by some link, for example a numerical method might send me to some very small sub section of turbulence, now if i wish to see a little more i need to go to the parent of the page, where similar things might be discussed.

Jonas Larsson October 3, 2005 12:03

Re: Travelling bettween the wiki pages
There is more info about usin templates as a navigational tool here:

As Praveen said we should also try to use categories to group together subjects into categories. This is very powerful and has the additional benefit that the table-of-contents for a category is automatically generated. For examples of how we have already used categories in the wiki see for example:

zxaar October 3, 2005 20:14

Re: Travelling bettween the wiki pages
i will try to look these things and i if have doubt i will ask. Could this be added to help about article writing for new writers to join.

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