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Michail October 12, 2005 21:28

Velocity-Pressure coupling - Any suggestions?
Dear colleagues (especially Arjun)

I added to Numerics several algorithms. I suppose we should decide how to describe its, because in the most literature was used different approach.

Any suggestions?

zxaar October 13, 2005 20:25

Re: Velocity-Pressure coupling - Any suggestions?
michail, last three four weeks either i was very busy or was down with fever. Now, today at least i am free, so will be looking into these issues. Ya this part of index has to be filled, lets how we can do it.

Michail October 13, 2005 20:57

Re: Velocity-Pressure coupling - Any suggestions?
I offer to use this approach, but just a bit corrected.

Somewhere exist better approach for description (similar)

Also I offer to use as well as usual - more undestandable approach - where we shall describe every step

zxaar October 13, 2005 21:26

Re: Velocity-Pressure coupling - Any suggestions?
michail this link is really good, i am going to read all of these papers next week.

about the wiki, i guess we have to be little thoughtful. My thinking is, if we hope to release this by the end of oct, we need to put basic minimum text for as much things as possible. and we shall try to create as much subtopics as possible. Rather than working hard and filling just one topic. The reason are these:

1. if we write just one topic to its fullest lengths, we miss out on other topics. What this says that when wiki is open, it still looks as if its not even started yet. , but if more topics are covered, it gives a sense of encylopedia more than just a lecture of a particulr topic. We can surely write one topic in detail and we will be doing it as it becomes public. 2. by giving a bare minimum text on topics , we have covered lot more topics. And with this if we create lot of subtopics, this means this. when it is open for people, people when they see some topic written, they will feel to either correct it or to add to it, and empty subtopics gives oppertuinity for new comers to write. Specially there are lot of people who think they can not write big article, but they can write soemthing about small topics.

So if we have accomplished this, before it opens to public, we expect lot contributions.

About pressure -vel coupling, i think, we got to explain the coupling first and then since each algorithm is just a little different from other (like SIMPLE from SIMPLEC), if we can write the basic idea behind them first, then make user to see the variations, that will be better thing to do.

In the end, you have done really greate job with convection terms articles.

Michail October 13, 2005 22:13

Re: Velocity-Pressure coupling - Any suggestions?
About subtopics:

- we can simply give the contents of any of the basic CFD-books

About Wiki opening:

- as I could notice - not so many people work on it, although about 50 members are already registered. So I don't think that this number will increase even after opening. Therefore I suppose we can calmly and peacefully work further. It doesn't matter for us - whether Wiki is opened or not.

About me:

- I am after great illness - I was over an year in the hospital, therefore I am still very weak and can't work. I even had the invalid (non-working) status. Just this week my head began work properly (3 months after hospital have passed).

In addition to this - I have to look after my ill mom. So I am sitting at home.

Moreover - it's a great practice for me - to work in cooperation with colleagues from all over the world (I am former Russian Air Force officer with capitan rank), and it's rather difficult for me psichologically. So it's my training. After all - I am still studying, and CFD - is pleasure for me.

Michail October 13, 2005 22:46

Re: Velocity-Pressure coupling - Any suggestions?
For example - let's give the contents of T.J.Chung "CFD" as subtopics

Jonas Larsson October 14, 2005 12:06

Re: Velocity-Pressure coupling - Any suggestions?
About the opening of the Wiki. I'm pleasantly surpiced that we already have 75 registered editors.... I think that I have only emailed with about half of these. The others have registered on their own initiative. This must indicate that many want to contribute, although only a few have gotten around to actually adding something yet. I think that there is a certain threashold that people need to get over before they start adding things.

Anyway, I hope that as we open the Wiki we will get a more steady stream of new contributors. Right now it isn't easy to find the Wiki. Once it is linked to from the menus at CFD Online it will be seen by the more than 10,000 people (unique IP addresses) who visit the site every week. Hopefully this will increase the number of registered editors... but the question is how to make it easy for new editors to start contributing. One way can be as zxaar wrote to try and have a fairly large structure of "stubs", that is pages that are only half-finished, and invite people to add to them. Many people find it a bit intimidating to start a whole new article on their own. It is easier to get over the initial threashold if you can just add or correct something in an already existing article.

Anyway, we must view this Wiki as a very long term project I think - years rather than weeks or months.

I've also been sick with flu for some time and haven't been able to work that hard on the wiki, but now I'm up to speed again so I'll try to get the most important administrative things with the wiki going again. I'm still aming for a end-of-october launch unless anyone else has any strong reason not to launch it then. I see no need to keep it private too long. We need more people and more contributions and now we have at least a basic structure and some basic format rules etc.

Michail October 14, 2005 12:27

Let's make common strategy and structure
Dear Jonas - please, take a look at my suggestion about subtopics.

This will make easier start for all. I guess.

Michail October 14, 2005 16:53

Please help with links
Dear colleagues

I splitted the article with schemes. I would like to make links to the schemes from the main page (where all schemes are listed). How to do this?

Also I offer to develop strategy of CFD Wiki developing - to add everywhere topics and subtopics, as detailed as possible, in order to help those who will come soon after opening.

For basic structure we can use contents of several main CFD-books.

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