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Michail October 14, 2005 16:54

Please help with making links
Dear colleagues

I splitted the article with schemes. I would like to make links to the schemes from the main page (where all schemes are listed). How to do this?

Also I offer to develop strategy of CFD Wiki developing - to add everywhere topics and subtopics, as detailed as possible, in order to help those who will come soon after opening.

For basic structure we can use contents of several main CFD-books.

Jonas Larsson October 15, 2005 05:04

Re: Please help with making links
You can use a "#" to point to a certain section in a page. Here is an example:

[[Schemes by Leonard - structured grids#SHARP | SHARP]]

I agree that we should continue to work on the structure of the wiki. But I also think that it is good if we at least write some basic introduction on what each page/article is intended to cover so that the wiki is not just a large collection of empty pages.

Michail October 15, 2005 15:32

Many thanks , but I insist on "empty sections"
Dear Jonas

Thank You very much.

Great!!! It works. :))

But anyway I insist on creating and developing of the "empty structure". It will help to newcomers decide what they can contribute. As about us - we can work even without orientation - we know what all have to be in our imagination.

BUT: newcomers can't to do this, if they will see even empty sections - for example we have empty "Finite-difference" and "Finite-element" sections.

As soon as I'll finish schemes and fluxes, I'll begin work with vel.-press. coupling algorithms (I have some experience).

I offer to fiil:

- "Finite-difference"

- "Finite-element"

- "Panel method"

- "Euler equations"

with empty subtopics. It should be done, i suppose.

Jonas Larsson October 15, 2005 17:35

Re: Many thanks , but I insist on "empty sections"
Well, I guess empty pages are better than no pages. But I really think that adding a small introduction to each page and marking it as a "stub" makes it more likely that people will add to it. For more information about stubs please see:

I have created a special stub template in the CFD-Wiki. To mark an article as a stub just write {{Stub}} at the bottom of it. This will include the stub template which adds some text and also puts the article in the Stub category. This is nice since if an editor is looking for an article which needs to be improved he can just browse the stub category for an article that suits his experience.

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