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Jonas Larsson November 3, 2005 19:18

Wiki Layout
As you might have noticed the default layout of the wiki now includes the top-menu which is common for all sections of CFD Online. New visitors and visitors who register from now on will get this layout as their default skin. If you have registered earlier you will probably have the monobook skin as your default. If you want to change that just go to Preferences/Skin and select "CFDOnline" as your default skin.

I have also done some other minor modifications of the layout to make it work better with the rest of CFD Online. What do you think of the new skin/layout. Is it acceptable?

As the wiki is launched publicly I will also add a special Wiki item on the CFD Online menu with some sub-menus to point directly into key sections of the Wiki. This should help people to jump directly into interesting places of the wiki...

I'll write something more about the pending public launch of the Wiki tomorrow. As you probably have guessed by now the "end of October" goal is kind of a bit delayed... but more details about that tomorrow, now I have to catch some sleep. Cheers'

Michail November 4, 2005 08:47

Re: Wiki Layout
Dear Jonas

I've looked through. But I found the present skin the best suitable for me (it's my opinion).

Also I suppose we can open Wiki a month later. (But of course it's only an idea)


Jonas Larsson November 4, 2005 09:47

Re: Wiki Layout
Yea, you can of course use whichever skin you prefer. I think that it is important though to as default have a common menu-structure with the rest of CFD Online. This will make it much easier for surfers visiting other sections of CFD Online to quickly browse around in the Wiki and then be able to easily return to for example the forums or the jobs database. This common menu structure will improve the visibility of the Wiki - it will be easily reachable, just a mouse-click away, from all other sections of CFD Online.

Michail November 4, 2005 09:54

Re: Wiki Layout
Yes, You are completely right for all 200%. It's important.

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