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Jonas Larsson November 13, 2005 15:24

What do you think about the new front-page layout?
I've started to improve the front-page layout a bit, using rectangular section to divide things up a with. What do you think about it? Any suggestions on a better way to improve the front-page? I was planning to have four major section on the front-page:

1. An introduction with some quick links to the left

2. A "table of content" section with links into major sections of the Wiki

3. A "featured articles" with one or a few selected articles which we want to high-light.

4. A "CFD-Wiki project" section with links to section with more information about the Wiki, like help sections, sections on policies, standards, guidelines etc.

Should we have any more sections on the front-page?

zxaar November 14, 2005 00:02

Re: What do you think about the new front-page lay
it is looking really good. I am afraid of one thing though, once it is open to public, and if there are lot of contributions per day, than, there will be problem of administrating all this. Don't you think it will increase your work load very much. Have you decided on this aspect???

Jonas Larsson November 14, 2005 04:18

Re: What do you think about the new front-page lay
Yep, I've thought about that, and I'm planning a long vacation in Thailand in January and February ;-)

Seriously though, administering the content of the Wiki is really up to the users of the Wiki. As you say once the Wiki grows it will become impossible for one person to adminster and control all content. In the Wiki spirit everyone who contributes to the Wiki will have to become a bit bolder and correct and improve eachothers pages more... and we will have to discuss it here on the forum so that we avoid any conflicts.

We will also need to nominate more administrator - adminstrators have the ability block malicious users who post spam etc. - see for more information. Are you interested in becoming an administrator?

I will make sure that all the behind-the-scenes administration like keeping the server online, taking daily backups, patching software etc. works. But the work-load from that doesn't increase very much with more users. Fortunately we have a brand new and really good server with plenty of spare capacity so the Wiki can grow a lot before we run into any performance or disk-space problems.

zxaar November 16, 2005 00:17

Re: What do you think about the new front-page lay
The new layout is really looking great. Another thing i wish to be admin but i am involved with so many things that i am not able to find time. So I have to drop this idea for time being. I would be writing as my time permits.

Great work on layout.

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