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Jonas Larsson November 20, 2005 13:11

Image to promote combustion article
Anyone have a cool combustion related picture (free of any copyrights) which we couls use to promote the Combustion article, which is one of the current "Feature article" on the front page?

Salvador November 21, 2005 06:18

Re: Image to promote combustion article
Thanks for removing the company links in the combustion sections. I was going to do it but somehow reluctant to remove somelse's contributions. I will dig some cool images for combustion but free from copyright it is not going to be easy.

Jonas Larsson November 21, 2005 07:08

Re: Image to promote combustion article
Sounds great.

About the company links. Don't hesitate to remove links etc. put there by people with a personal interest in having the links there. It is an important principle in a public Wiki that you should not use it to promote or market anything and you shoul avoid writing about yourself, your company or your products. Even if the links might be relevant the fact that they were put there due to a personal interest makes it okay to remove them if you want.

Content with the main intention of promoting a company, product, person or web-site is not acceptable. So don't hesitate, be bold and remove it as soon as you see it and write something about why in the comment. Don't accept that others use the faboulous work you've put into this just to market their own interests and at the same time probably degrade the quality of your work. The Wiki content belongs to all of us and is our collective responsibility to "protect" it from this type of hidden spam.

We are going to have a tough time ahead of us I think to educate companies about the rules of a Wiki.

Michail November 21, 2005 09:43

About companies's links
Dear friends

I suppose it will be better to create special page with such links. It should be done in any case. It will give the opportunity for all to observe all areas of CFD. Anyone then will be able to find any area of work for himself.

It will create an opportunity for the youang specialsts to find it and find all what they could need.

It's my (subjective) opinion


Jonas Larsson November 21, 2005 18:29

Re: About companies's links
Links to companies are perfectly okay. They just shouldn't be placed there by company associates with the main purpose of getting people to visit their web-sites. Self-promotion is not acceptable behaviour in a Wiki and we have to try to educate companies and indivudual who are unfamiliar with Wikis about this rule of conduct. I've already done a few reverts along these lines.

For example, I reverted Engware's edits recently and after he continued to repeatadly just add links here and there to his own web-site I also blocked him. I've explained this to him by email now though and I have also unblocked him. We should also be nice to newcomers.

zxaar November 21, 2005 19:00

Re: About companies's links
i think the compnay links is already present. in the link section.

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