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Jonas Larsson November 23, 2005 10:31

How to get people to add to the Wiki
Since the public launch of the Wiki we have more than doubled the number of registered users in just a few days. We are now more than 250!

However, very few of the newly registered users have added anything to the Wiki yet.

Anyone have any good idea how to get this stream of new users to also start contributing to the Wiki? We really need more contributing authors if this thing is going to work out.

zxaar November 23, 2005 20:23

Re: How to get people to add to the Wiki
i do have a small plan about this, and let me put forward my thoughts so that we can at least decide whether we can implement it. Idea is to introduce scrap-books. For example, i have added text to turbulence and numerical methods. Now lets say i pick a section numerical methods, and lets say we introduce a link numerical-method-scrapbook Now those who just want to add few lines and can not decide where to put them, can put them in scrap book, iwill be reading the scrapbook and putting the text to proper places in numerical method section, or any other section if required. So the scrapbook link has more links with their usernames eg user1-scrapbook user2-scrapbook so that we know who added what and its managed properly (people should not fiddle with others work), now this way the people who just want to add a little do not have to worry about writing a full article, that we will create from using them, and they will be contributing.

Now about the scrap book, there may be more people who can look into them and put the text from there to main wiki pages (that is if anyother person like Michail wants to take text from there he can take it and put into numerical method main pages). Only thing is the text when added to main page, it should be notified to writer so that he can remove that from his scrapbook. (to restrict duplication of data).

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