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Jonas Larsson November 24, 2005 08:44

Donated texts
In order to encourage people to contribute to the Wiki I have added a page where it is possible to donate your own internal reports, thesises etc. (things that are not copyrighted, published papers are usually copyrighted) to the Wiki. My intention with this is that is should be a source of text and information which other Wiki authors can use as source material to cut-and-paste from. It is a bit similar to zxaar's idea about scrap-books in that it makes it easy for people to contribute something without having to write a whole full-featured Wiki article. The Wiki page which encourages people to donate texts is here:

A list of donated texts can be found here:

I have, as a first example, donated the first part of my own PhD thesis (excluding all the copyrighted papers). I wrote it in 1998 at Chalmers University, Gothenburg, Sweden and its title is "Numercial Simulation of Turbulent Flows for Turbine Blade Heat Transfer Applications". It includes basics on governing equations and numerics and a fairly complete description of a bunch of low-Re turbulence models - could be included in the Wiki almost directly.

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