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zxaar November 29, 2005 21:38

I was adding one FAQ for fluent and i noticed that the page at it grows becoming more and more clumsy. Is there any way i can put a separator lines between each question so that we can distinguish between the question, currently they all looked blended in each other, that could become big prob as it grows.

Ben November 30, 2005 05:08

Re: FAQs
I agree

I have just added a load of stuff to the STAR-CD Faq's and the page is massive already, it might be an idea to have a sub-page for each product/question as before long each page is going to be so long that you will scroll for miles and miles (i know there is the links at the top but if you just want to browse...)

Jonas Larsson November 30, 2005 07:07

Re: FAQs
You are right. Perhaps we should do something similar to what Wikipedia has done with their FAQ. They have a main page here:

This page points to sub-FAQ-pages like:


These sub-FAQ's use ==headings== for the questions so that each question automatically gets a line under it.

All of these sub-pages also have a FAQ table-of-contents template included which looks like this:

What do you think? Anyone feel up to implementing something similar for a FAQ in the CFD-Wiki?

Ben November 30, 2005 08:07

Re: FAQs
I think that is probably a good idea, it is likely to keep things a bit tidyer in the long term

zxaar December 2, 2005 00:59

Re: FAQs
I have decided to break the FAQs into following sections, each section will open a new page keeping the main FAQ page clean <l>[*]Meshing[*]InputOutput[*]Turbulence[*]HeatTransfer[*]ReactiveFlows[*]MultiphaseFlow[*]Acoustics[*]Solver[*]PostProcessing[*]ParallelProcessing </l> This is based on their documentation, please let me know what do you think, and if you wish to see and alteration with this list.

Ben December 2, 2005 06:01

Re: FAQs
Looks good, although I think it should only be done for the main code section (FLUENT, CFX .....) any specific tools or modules should have their own subpage too (Flowizard, ICEpak, STAR-Design, etc etc)

Jonas Larsson December 3, 2005 13:39

Re: FAQs
Looks good. If you put the table of contents for the Fluent FAQ's in a template like they have done on the Wikipedia FAQ that I referenced earlier it is also easy to later add or remove pages as the need for new sections arises and have the TOC on all pages update automatically.

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