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jedi December 3, 2005 23:20

Text Donation
Hi guys,

I have uploaded a package called: Turbulence Modeling for Beginners.

It includes a small guide summarizing existing turublence models as well as a general presentation on turbulent flows.

I would be glad to receive your review.


Jonas Larsson December 5, 2005 07:37

Re: Text Donation
Looks very nice. You uploaded a pdf version of the report. What was it written in originally? If it was written in latex then it would be great if you could also upload the latex source since then it is easy to cut-and-paste equations directly into the Wiki.

Ynot December 5, 2005 11:05

Re: Text Donation
Hi Jonas,

It was written in microsoft word. I can give you the source document if it would be of any help. In the mean time, I am trying to find a suitable word-2-tex converter.

Jonas Larsson December 5, 2005 11:28

Re: Text Donation
I don't think that the word file will help that much I'm afraid. The Wiki needs latex equations.

Ynot December 5, 2005 11:56

Word to Tex / Equation to Tex
Umm... There is a translator out there, but i am not sure of its integrity. As it is not a hassle to port the regular text from word to latex, I narrowed my search on ways to convert the equations. I found one called TexAide, and i was just trying it. It works good, but the result need some patching. Its acceptable i think. I am installing the Latex suite on my machine now. In due course, i will convert most of the documents that i have to Latex... (i am just imagining the work it will take to convert my thesis!). The new ones will be written in LaTex.

dhanasekaran.A May 10, 2007 22:13

Re: Word to Tex / Equation to Tex

I am the new latex user.

I need the free version of word to tex software.

Kindly send me the software as soon as possible.



J.Suganya June 25, 2007 00:40

Re: Word to Tex / Equation to Tex
Hello sir I wish to introduce myself as J.Suganya from latex field. I am having vast experience in this latex field. I am confidence of handling critical math equations. Can u offer me a chance to serve ur company by coding full word file to latex file. If so, please send me a sample. i am sure that i will do coding to the best and it will reach u in time. thank u suganya

joseph semrani June 23, 2008 02:41

Re: Word to Tex / Equation to Tex
What dose tne word TEX means?

Pete June 23, 2008 04:50

Re: Word to Tex / Equation to Tex

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