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Ynot (previously jedi) December 4, 2005 17:43

New Section
Hi all,

A section on parallel computing has been added to the special topics division.

It now includes the fundamentals on parallel computing. This is only a start. Future sections will include topics on how to parallelize some iterative solvers, and especially an AMG solver.

I am also planning for a best practice guide on how to parallelize a CFD solver.

Please check it and give me your feedback. I'm still new to Wiki editing, so i would appreciate some ideas on formatting.


zxaar December 4, 2005 21:50

Re: New Section
Well to start with its very nicely written, we hope more of such articles. I do doubt if it shall be put into special topics portions for the reason that its closely related to numerical methods application and its better if its coupled with numerical method. Anyway good work, i am looking forward to read it, since i am wondering of making my solver parallel. Will be good tut for me. :)

Ynot December 4, 2005 23:22

Re: New Section
Thanks zxaar. I will work on that. I will also make sure to have the parallel CFD guide online very soon.

Jonas Larsson December 5, 2005 07:36

Re: New Section
Very nice text and illustrating pictures. Great work! You already seem to master Wiki editing. The only minor issue that I noted is that we have agreed to capitalize page-names and headings only on the first word. I corrected this in your page. Other than that it looks perfect.

I added a direct link to your parallel computing section from the top-level menu also (in the special topics section).

A best-practise guide for how to parallelize a solver would be very valuable also, no doubt.

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