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Jonas Larsson December 7, 2005 07:51

Naming articles
About selecting page-names. I noticed that we have some ambigious page-names in the CFD-Wiki now.

Remember that the Wiki in itself does not have any buildt-in structure. We have created some kind of structure in the way we link between pages, but there is no inherent tree-structure in a wiki and any page can link to any other page. This makes it important to name pages so that the name is unique and fully identifies the content.

For example, lets say that we have special page on how to linearise and discretize a source term in a certain turbulence model. At first one might be tempted to just call this page "Source term handling" and link to it from the page describing the turbulence model in questions. However, this is not a unique title - there might be many different source terms in different turbulence models, combustion models or whatever that need special handling. Neither does the title fully describe the content. A better title would be something like "Linearisation and discretization of the turbulent production source term in the SST k-omega turbulence model". With this page-name it would be natural to link to this page from many different places - like for example both from the page describing the turbulence models, from a page about special source-term handling in the numerics section and perhaps also from a page describing a CFD code which uses this special handling. Links to this page can of course be made shorter by using the piped-link functionality to give a different link name that fits better with the page that contains the link.

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