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Ynot December 8, 2005 02:58

Who are these guys doing this stupid stuff? I think we should discretize them!

Jonas Larsson December 8, 2005 05:41

Re: spam
They are the cockroaches of the internet. It is virtually impossible to keep them out. Yesterday we had one especially obnoxios guy who used a bot to automatically register lots of users (number 1,2,3 ...) and then he automatically re-edited back the spam as soon as I removed it. I had to block his entire IP number range from the whole server to get rid of him. This is normal problems when you are running a website these days I'm afraid. So far spammin in the Wiki has been easy to control - I spend much more time to keep the forums spam free.

If you are interested in helping with discretizing these spammers drop me an email or nominate yourself as an administrator by adding your name to this page. Today only me and Praveen have admin rights. We should be a few more who can block this type of spammers quickly when they appear.

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