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Ted Conrad December 8, 2005 17:47

Front Page
The front page should, as much as possible:

Stimulate users to make positive contributions. Make clear the objectives of CFD wiki. Give users a clear idea of the kinds of information to be found here, and the reliability of that information. Help users to understand the potential of the wiki.

Feature Articles The articles to feature should be determined by which best demonstrate the power of the wiki process. They may not be the best or most interesting by some other measures. They should be accurate, edited, potentially useful, and have had major contributions from more than one user. The Turbulence Article is interesting, and I'm sure it's accurate (though I am not the one to judge that); is it the best choice?

Jonas Larsson December 8, 2005 18:56

Re: Front Page
I agree with everything you say. I'm sure that the turbulence article is not the best example of the power of the Wiki process - it was essentially based on an already written document which was donated by Prof. W.K George. It still isn't complete yet. I just picked the turbulence article because it was quite easy to read, probably has a large audience and I was also able to easily find a cool public-domain picture (by Da Vinci) to íllustrate it with.

I think that we should switch featured article at least once a month so everyone is welcome to select a new suitable feature article, we should switch it within a couple of weeks. I like the combustion article which was written by Salva and ForMat mainly.

Ted Conrad December 8, 2005 23:06

Re: Front Page
The turbulence article certainly interests me, and I am part of its target audience -- CFD beginners. Would adding stubbs to it help to encourage and to direct contributions?

I suggest adding a second featured article sooner than 2 weeks; one more in line with the criteria of my last post. The combustion article needs editing, is fairly long, and does not link to anything, but otherwise seems to fit the purpose. -------T

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