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Ynot December 8, 2005 21:56

A suggestion to attract editors
We need to come up with a good plan to attract editors, that's something we all agree upon. I think we need to "forumStorm" (brainstorm) now as much as possible since CFDWiki is still a baby. I have a small idea that is one of the many facets we can up with.

One way to attract editors is to show them the benefits they will get from their contribution. We all do it for the fun of it and for the mere fact that we are sharing. But it will be also nice to give something back. For example, we can come up with a plan stating that upon contributing a certain number of articles/edits/donations an editor is promoted to a junior editor. The benefits of being a junior editor is that the user is allowed to use his cfdwiki status on his/her CV (i.e. Junior editor of the CFDWiki...) and of course, to verify this, we create a page for the junior editors where their name, photo, CV etc... are placed.

Now following this, there is the promotion to senior editor where he/she will enjoy more privileges (i have no idea about what these privileges are), but more importantly, a senior editor will be sent a certificate from CFDWiki that they can include in their Portfolio (we can create the design for the certificate and i don't think it will cost much). and so on...

People need to be attracted. I was explaining to a friend of mine around here about the CFDWiki and the editing etc... and he said "do you do it for free?"... It would be good to let them have something they can show.

Jonas Larsson December 9, 2005 11:33

Re: A suggestion to attract editors
I like your idea about some kind of editor career and perhaps a CFD-Wiki diploma or certificate for senior editors. Giving senior editors special priviliges is a bit more tricky. That goes against the Wiki spririt to be equally open for everyone. CFD Online gets some book-credits at Amazon for the books we sell via our books guide. Perhaps one privilige could be that senior editors get a free book every year or so. It isn't much but it would be something.

The question is how to organize this, how to elect and promote editors etc.. I think that the process should follow the Wiki ideals and be public and transparant.

Ynot December 9, 2005 14:20

Re: A suggestion to attract editors
We can do it in a way that does not violate the spirit of the Wiki. Everybody is allowed to edit anytime they want. But we can come up with a set of laws that appreciates the work done by editors. It will be by no means discriminating any editor from another one.

It will be an incentive for everybody to work harder. It is of course very difficult to monitor the contributions of each author, but for example, we can monitor the number of bytes they are adding or the number of completely new articles they are submitting or the number of external links and references they are providing.

By the way, i find the idea for a free book to be excellent!

We need more people to storm with us if we are going to be serious about this.

Jonas Larsson December 9, 2005 14:39

Re: A suggestion to attract editors
Monitoring contributions is quite easy. The Wiki does that for us. For example, you can see your contributions here:

And mine here:

But I also think some form of board of humans should be involved in selecting and promoting editors that contribute high-quality things.

Ynot December 9, 2005 15:15

Re: A suggestion to attract editors
well, yes, humans are important in the selection process. Do you think that a Wiki committee will have a negative effect?

I wish we could all meet somewhere on this planet and discuss these issues. Maybe we should have a yearly meeting.

Michail December 9, 2005 17:45

Re: A suggestion to attract editors
Dear colleagues!

I believe, that firstly we should at least rewrite all Dr. W. K. George lectures and complete numerical section.

Than it will remain test-problem section.

Ecxuse me for my dilettant's opinion....


Ted Conrad December 9, 2005 21:54

Re: A suggestion to attract editors
I like Michail's idea of focusing group effort on a particular area. Would it make sense to pick one thread --Reference, Special Topics, Applications-- whichever seems best, and make it as good as possible? This section could then serve as a "feature" section.


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