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Ynot December 10, 2005 00:41

Some additions to the editor's guide
I suggest the addition of some guidelines to the editors' guide:

1) All acronyms should be capitalized: ode should be written as ODE, pde as PDE, fvm as FVM etc...

2) The usage of plural with acronyms: ODE's should be ODEs, PDE's should be PDEs etc...

3) Regarding mathematical formulas, i think we should enforce PNG rendering by adding "\," at the end of each equation. A lot of formulas are not rendering correctly on some systems and the overall appearance is no longer consistent. I don't know if that depends on the browser settings, but i've seen it a couple of times here (in fireFox).

-- yNot

Jonas Larsson December 10, 2005 09:40

Re: Some additions to the editor's guide
I agree with the first to suggestions. Good initiative.

About enforcing PNG rendering. This can be done in the preferences - I think I posted a message about this here a long time ago. I have had it as my default since then so I haven't seen the problem lately. I will look at trying to make this the default for everyone so that in order to not have PNG rendering someone will have to actively go into his preferences to change it. This would be the best solution IMHO. I'll post a followup as soon as I've investigated this a bit more.

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