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Jonas Larsson December 12, 2005 18:48

Spam Prevention
As the CFD-Wiki gets indexed by Google we will see a larger flood of spam coming our way (everything good seem to come with something bad also...). As you might have noticed we have already been vandalised by 3 spam-bots in the last few days. So far it has been easy to revert and delete things that the spammers have done. But as the spam volume increases it might get tougher. See it as a sign that CFD-Wiki is becoming popular and gets better and better page-ranks in Google searches and thereby becomes a more interesting spam target :)

I've started to prepare for this by installing a few spam control extensions that use various techniques to block spam based on blacklisted URL's, bot-signatures etc. I hope that only spammers will be affected by this but if you experience any problems with the spam protection please post a message here asap. I'll turn up the sensitivity on these filters more and more until you guys scream or the spam dissapears ;-)

In the next few days I'll continue to add a few more spam protection layers and features to ease anti-spam work by administrators. Also, if you are good with computers and web things and have made contriutions to the CFD-Wiki and want to help to fight spam then please consider to volunteer to become a Wiki administrator, for more info see:

To volunteer as an administrator just add yourself to this page:

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