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Ynot December 15, 2005 03:31

New section and new gateways
Hello all,

I have added a new section to the main page called History of CFD. You've probably seen that already.

First of all, as the history of CFD has been poorly written about, I think having such a section constitutes a very nice part of CFDWiki. Shouldn't we have the most comprehensive resource on CFD?

Secondly, my motivation for adding this section is twofold. To begin with, i personally would like to learn more about the history of CFD in all its areas. Next comes the important part of attracting people who do not have a CFD background as this section is mostly non technical.

I have included three initiall subsections.

General perspective: I am currently preparing a general perspective document that summarizes the key points in the history of numerical methods. I have also found a couple of new online articles and i am waiting for permissions from the authors. Please, if anybody has some nice reviews, it would be excellent if you could help.

Hall of fame: The name designates the contents. However, I think we should only include people who are linked with CFD. So Einstein doesn't belong in this section (i think!). The hall of fame will be excellent for non-technical writers as each one of the CFD guys would list names of people in their respective areas while new editors can research that and add the content.

Famous achievements: In this section, we list the most important achievements that made CFD popular...

I think this would be very attractive for non-CFD editors as well as for scientists and engineers who do not work in CFD. All they need is the passion and enthusiasm to do it.

I also think that Ted would be of excellent help for the History of CFD :)

I hope you guys agree on having this section around.

Jonas Larsson December 15, 2005 04:24

Re: New section and new gateways
Great idea. I was going to add some stuff that I have on the history of CFD from a few guest lectures that I've done, but it seems as if the spam-filters that I installed in the last few days prevents me from uploading things to the Wiki via Volvo's web-proxy... :) oh well, I'll have to do it when I come home instead. The filters seem effective though, spam has almost dissapeared for now. Is anyone else having problems with the spam-filters preventing them to contribute to the Wiki?

Ynot December 15, 2005 04:31

Re: New section and new gateways
The weapons you are using are turning against you! I am having no trouble at all.

Jonas Larsson December 15, 2005 04:41

Re: New section and new gateways
Yea, talk about shooting yourself in the foot :)

Good to hear that you are not having any problems.

It seems to work when I use my Linux machine with mozilla but on my Windows PC with IE the spam filters identifies me as a nasty spam-bot, heh, it must be Volvo IT who has a non-standard compliant web-proxy or something. I'm not surpriced.

Ynot December 15, 2005 04:45

Re: New section and new gateways
you can do it with an anonymous online service. want a link for that?

Jonas Larsson December 15, 2005 06:06

Re: New section and new gateways
Heh, most likely not, the Wiki has a filter whichs blocks all anonymous web-relay proxies based on the SORBS list - I've been doing a good job of shooting myself in the foot. :)

Jonas Larsson December 17, 2005 12:57

Re: New section and new gateways
FYI, I've added a direct link to the new history section from the main drop-down menu.

Ynot December 17, 2005 14:21

Re: New section and new gateways
That's excellent! I just saw that.

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