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jasond December 18, 2005 21:28

"E-Solutions for Energy Conversion Systems"
Hi guys,

Does this page really belong in the wiki?

It doesn't seem all that CFD related as opposed to thermal sciences/engineering related.


Ynot December 19, 2005 02:32

Re: "E-Solutions for Energy Conversion Systems"

compare the user name who created the page to any of the external links on that page...

futhermore, it is not CFD related, at all, I agree. Although some section might be useful for some people (like material properties), but these can be found in the help for Notepad!

I am with discretizing it. Jonas?

Jonas Larsson December 19, 2005 07:29

Re: "E-Solutions for Energy Conversion Systems"
I agree that it is hardly CFD related. Do what you want with it and leave a note about why on the talk page. Thanks for bringing up this type of issue! We need to jointly work on keeping the content focused and of high quality.

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