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Ynot December 19, 2005 15:51

E-Solutions Request by user Gordan
Okey guys, let's move the discussion over here.

Gordan, I find no harm in fitting your link somwhere under compressible flow as it would be helpful for comparison of compressible flow solution against the 1-D analytical solutions.

Now regardin combustion, I am still a novice in that area. So we need some other feedback.

In any case, i suggest you place your request here so that everybody can give their opinion, especially our Bureaucrat :)


Gordan Feric December 19, 2005 16:07

Re: E-Solutions Request by user Gordan

I do appreciate you opportunity to help me out.

I am not trying to run a marketing campaign and take advantage of the community.

Here is my pitch.

Hopefully, it will get resolved one way or the other.

I am an mechanical engineer. I have been practicing engineering for a number of years.

As a result, I have been able to come up with some e-solutions related to physical properties, steam approximations, power cycle analysis, power cycle components/process and compressible flow. The solutions go under the following name: e-Solutions for the Energy Conversion Systems.

Lots of e-solutions are provided totally free such as slide shows, online calculators, engineering modeling and coursework materail.

My goal is have some of the e-material referenced on the web site and make it totally available and free to people practicing engineering and CFD.

At this point, I would like to ask the Community members to take my request under consideration and resolve it one way or the other if Engineering Software free e-solutions can make it to the web site and in what form.

I am willing to go with the decision of the Community members.

Thanks for your time and attention.



Engineering Software Web Site

Engineering Software Web Site with only Free e-Solutions

jasond December 19, 2005 16:52

Re: E-Solutions Request by user Gordan
I guess I should weigh in because I kicked this off. It looks like this content (in various forms) has been removed over and over again. I think that the page in question doesn't belong, but I don't think that a link would be outside the parameters that have been set for the wiki. The compressible branch of the wiki is not as large as some of the other parts of the wiki, so it doesn't look like there is currently a place for a link. Maybe it should wait until there is more there.


Jonas Larsson December 19, 2005 18:38

Re: E-Solutions Request by user Gordan
I agree with Jason that there currently is no proper place for a link to the kind of material found on the engware site. Although admittedly some of it could be useful for a CFD engineer. I've had a discussion with Gordan about this via email some time ago and expressed this concern.

I should also say that I don't think that the Wiki should be a link collection. The Wiki should contain the actual material and not just links to material. Links become obsolete and change. A Wiki should be a standalone reference IMHO.

The engware site isn't offering a CFD code so linking to it from there is not that appropropriate. Perhaps it would fit in a section on 1D and system analysis or so. But we don't have any such section now.

Finally, I don't think that it is good when people just add links to their own sites to the Wiki, that is bad behaviour according to the Wiki tradition. If the material is good enough someone else will add the link to it. The Wiki should not be used to promote your own sites, companies or products, even if they are free.

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