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Ynot May 5, 2006 18:01

Hi all,

Kindly check out these banners

and tell me what you think

Jonas Larsson May 5, 2006 19:20

Re: Banners
Fantastic work Tony! I thought you were having exams this week :) The banners look great.

I have a few minor suggestions:

The "click here" text that the small button has is very important I think. A "click here" text can increase a bannner's click through rate significantly. Perhaps you should add it also to the animated gifs and the flash banner. In the animation where you show "join us today" you could swith to "click here" for the last couple of secs or so.

The text on the small button which says "Contribute today" should perhaps be "Contribute Today" since all other text on that button all have capitals starting the words.

The flash banner still hasn't got the right case on the link and shows "CFDWiki" instead if "CFD-Wiki". Did you just not update it yet or is it a cache problem somehow?

Ynot May 5, 2006 19:26

Re: Banners
well, i finished my exams just today and worked on the banners.

I am glad you liked them - i did in fact change the swf things you have told me about earlier, but i havent updated the file on the site yet. my mistake.

I will fix the banners as you have said and will post them online as soon as they are ready. Should i removed the join us today from the button?


Ynot May 5, 2006 21:01

Banners - Second Iteration

Here's the link again


Jonas Larsson May 6, 2006 13:22

Re: Banners - Second Iteration
Great work! I like them all. The question now is what do we do with these? Should we create a special wiki page or section dedicated to marketing CFD-Wiki perhaps, with some instructions for people on how to use the banners etc. Or what do you think?

Ynot May 6, 2006 13:37

Re: Banners - Second Iteration
yeah sure! that sounds a great idea - we'll have a special page with the banners there. there will be "download" links next to each button - or we can give them an html line that they insert into their sites.

the downfall is that if they download the banners manually, they will have to also set the link (to the wiki) manually because i was not able to embed the links in the animated gifs (i guess it is impossible). This is not a big downfall as most users who already have a website will know how to do that.

The swf file does not suffer from this problem, so we can point that out in the download page.

what i also suggest, is to send out these banners to our undergrad/grad institutions or groups so that they can put them in their websites. I am not sure if we can offer them something in return, like listing their website in CFD-Online or having a page of those who are supporting the wiki where their name will be listed.

I will send you a rar archive to your personal email with the banners.


Jonas Larsson May 6, 2006 19:23

Re: Banners - Second Iteration
I got you email. Thanks! I placed the banners here so that everyone can use them from there:

<code> </code>

I've already used the flash banner in a news announcement about the May focus area which I just posted. I also added the button to the footer on many pages in CFD Online - should further increase the exposure of CFD-Wiki.

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