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Michail May 14, 2006 06:20

Turbulence by Willam K. George
I started to continue Pavitran job.

But if I'll copy William K. George's work COMPLETELY - WILL IT BE GOOD?????????????????????????????????

Jonas Larsson May 14, 2006 16:24

Re: Turbulence by Willam K. George
I know Prof. George (Bill) personally and meet with him regularly. I helped him to arrange funding for a few of his PhD students and I'm still closely involved with their projects.

I discussed with Bill about CFD-Wiki when Pavitran started to add things to CFD-Wiki and he gave us his approval. I will talk with Bill again to make sure that he hasn't changed his mind, but please go ahead and add things in the mean time. I'll get back to you when I've got some feedback from Bill.

Michail May 15, 2006 05:50

Re: Turbulence by Willam K. George
Dear Jonas

Thank You very much for Your explanation

But what about pictures?????

Some of them - have its own copyrights......


P.S. Thank You again - my psichological reabilitation - to work in our CFD-Wiki team - helps me a lot

Jonas Larsson May 15, 2006 11:54

Re: Turbulence by Willam K. George
I'll ask about the pictures also. I suspect that the pictures are not all his and that we might have to ask the original creator of each picture persmission to use it in CFD-Wiki under a GFDL licence.

Michail May 15, 2006 14:57

Re: Turbulence by Willam K. George
Dear Jonas

Ok. Thank You a lot again...

I daresay that after several months it'll be possible to make these lectures wider due to other issues.

I began to feel good.


Therefore after Yours decisions - I'll copy all book completely. It'be a sceleton. After this - we'll have something basement and with Wilcoks and other books it'll be possible to make it wider - it's good for me TOO - after this, when all book 'll go through my hands - I'll have some knowlege.....

It will be my MSc degree - just at home :)

(In any case I have to be with my mom here in Lithuania, so I have to sit at home - it'll be a good practice & experience for me)

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