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Jonas Larsson May 21, 2006 17:50

New Monthly Focus Area
In May we are focusing our work in CFD-Wiki on Turbulence Modeling. So far we have improved the turbulence modeling section significantly and I hope that we can make it even better over the next 10 days that are left of May. I'm a bit dissapointed that we are such a small group of people who are making contributions. I guess that turbulence modeling is a much smaller research area now than it was 10 years ago. Hopefully more people will become engaged as the awareness of CFD-Wiki grows and we switch to new exiting monthly focus areas.

So we need to start thinking about what subject we should focus on next month. Any suggestions? I have kind of lead the work on turbulence modeling over the last few weeks. I think that it is good if we share this responsibility - I'm not an expert on all subjects. So who wants to suggest a focus area for June and take the lead for it? We should start sketching on a few suggestions on what could be done and write something like what I wrote about turbulence modeling as a focus area in may - see here.

Jonas Larsson May 29, 2006 10:14

Re: New Monthly Focus Area
Still no responses here, I guess that noone has the time, energy and experience to take the lead for our next monthly focus area. I'll try to coordinate it myself then. We should at least continue with this "monthly focus area" approach a few more months to give it a chance I think. Or should we just scrap it now and declare it a failure? Judging from the number of people who contributed to the turbulence modling focus this months it feels a bit like swimming against the current :-/

Anyway, my proposal for our next monthly focus area is to focus on the Validation and test case section. We have a basic structure with some content there, but we still don't have much data. I also think that it might be an area where many people might be able and interested in contributing, or what do you think? Having a well documented online validation and benchmark suite with both measurement data and meshes and solutions avaialble freely is something that at least I have been missing.

What do you think? Any other suggestions? Perhaps even someone who would be willing to take the lead for this?

jasond May 29, 2006 17:17

Re: New Monthly Focus Area
Hi Jonas,

I meant to respond to your first post on this, so apologies for letting it slide too long. I would not give up on the focus are idea yet - I suggest we gather a few more data points. My contributions are down recently (had a presentation to prepare), but it seemed that there were more edits.

As for the next focus area, I like the validation case idea. I need to do a test case calculation over the next month or two, so it would mesh well with my work. I would be willing to take the lead on it as well, but there is a catch: I am on a bit of a vacation now, so my internet access is via dial-up (and once or twice a day), and no CFD. That will be the case for another week or so - let me know if that is not an issue.

I also had another thought: do we have a "CFD-Wiki Wish list" somewhere? Do you think that such a thing would be helpful in establishing what people most want to see? Just a thought.


Jonas Larsson May 29, 2006 18:07

Re: New Monthly Focus Area
Jason, great to hear from you. Although we have only been a few contributors to the turbulence modeling focus we have made some good progress I think. We can always continue our work on it later.

I'm glad that you also like the idea to focus on test cases in June. It sounds great if you want to take the lead on this. I will help you as much as I can, especially while you are on vacation... trying to work via a dial-up connection can be nerve wrecking to say the least.

Perhaps we should start to write a "wish list" like I did for the turbulence modeling focus. I have made an empty skeleton to start with here:

I will add some suggestions to it tomorrow. It is running a bit late here.

About your questions concerning an overall CFD-Wiki wish list. I don't think that we have one. We have some hints on what new users could do on the contribute something today page, but that isn't really a wish list. I think that is is a good idea to create a real wish list. We could also use it to dump any unfinished suggested tasks for each monthly focus area in. Another form of wish list is perhaps also to browse the stubs category.

jasond May 31, 2006 09:36

Re: New Monthly Focus Area
I added a few suggestions to the list you started, and I'll write down some more (offline) and add them later today or tomorrow. I'll take on the reorganization (actually just reformatting the main article a little bit so it makes more sense and has a proper outline/table of contents) and I'll add some more introductory text.

On the overall wiki wish list idea, I have a suggestion for an item on it:

Do some research (and start a forum discussion) on the Boussinesq eddy viscosity assumption and figure out a good form that will work in the various articles (RANS, LES, etc.). Right now we have a couple of different forms (minus signs mainly).

This is pretty minor, but might be a good project for someone new to the field.


Jonas Larsson June 1, 2006 13:19

Re: New Monthly Focus Area
That sounds great. I will try to add a few suggestions on what to do with the test case section myself early next week. Then we can send out the email to all registered users sometime mid next week. I have to fly to England for a few days now so I wont have much time online until tuesday I'm afraid.

Btw, please feel free to create a CFD-Wiki:To do page. I think that it is a good idea.

jasond June 8, 2006 12:19

Re: New Monthly Focus Area
I went ahead and added a wish list page - I went with "Wish list" instead of "To do" but I have no objection to moving it to "To do" instead.

I have also added some to the focus area page, but there should probably be more. Later this afternoon, I'll take another look through it and see if I can improve it - now that I am back in the land of high-speed internet, it'll be a lot easier. If you haven't done it already, I'll compose a message for the users also (even if you end up sending it, it is still one less thing you have to do). When would you like to send it out?


jasond June 11, 2006 22:23

Re: New Monthly Focus Area
Well, it is rapidly becoming mid-June, and I am loath to go ahead with anything until I have at least touched base with you again (and I can't directly email registered users, anyway). In a few days, the month will be half over, so I suggest that we either push back to July or set the focus area for June/July.

Any thoughts?


Jonas Larsson July 5, 2006 05:29

Re: New Monthly Focus Area
I apologize for the delay. I was actually in a car accident here so things took a bit extra for me. Lets skip the new monthly focus area for two months if that is okay with you. That will help me to work out things here. We can even have the new focus area for the rest of the summer.

Email me directly or post here.



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