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Jonas Larsson May 26, 2006 03:56

Turbulence Section Naming Convention
Michail, you are doing a great job with the turbulence section. I was thinking about one thing. Perhaps you should name all pages related to turbulence somehow so that it is clear that they belong to the turbuulence section. You could let the page name always start with "Turbulence:". As it is now it isn't fully clear what a page named, for example, "Probability", is about. If you call it "Turbulence: Probability" it is more clear, or what do you think? You can of course still link to it with just "Probability" from within other turbulence pages(write [[Turbulence: Probability|Probability]].

Michail May 26, 2006 07:02

Re: Turbulence Section Naming Convention
Dear Jonas

Ok, I'll rename the sections. It's a nice idea.


Michail May 29, 2006 04:17

Re: Turbulence Section Naming Convention
Dear Jonas

I began to chang titles and discovered the next thing

if in every title of section and subsection will be written the "Turbulence" it will not nice.

May be I'll write as it's in original lectures, and You'll rename as You'll find it to look better...

Is this will be ok????


Jonas Larsson May 29, 2006 05:02

Re: Turbulence Section Naming Convention
It is only the actual article title that needs to be clear (start with "Turbulence: " or something"). You can still link to this article from another article using a shorter title.

For example, the article about propability in turbulence could be named "Turbulence: Probability", or even "Probability in Turbulence". However, in the turbulence overview article you don't need to refer to it as being a turbulence article since that is already obvious from the context, so there you can link to it just using the name "Probability", this is how you do it:

[[Turbulence: Probability|Probability]]

This will create a link named "Probability" which points to the article named "Turbulence: Probability".

I can help you sort out the titles later on though if you want, no problem. What is most important now is to get the actual content into CFD-Wiki and then we can rearrange it.

Michail May 29, 2006 05:19

Re: Turbulence Section Naming Convention
Dear Jonas

Thank You. So I offer to fill empty pages first and then with Your help I'll rearrange its all.

So I'll go on with filling content, if You don't mind.


Jonas Larsson May 29, 2006 09:45

Re: Turbulence Section Naming Convention
Sounds great :)

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