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jasond July 9, 2006 19:36

Proposal w.r.t. Meshing & Mesh Generation articles
Hi all, We currently have two articles on meshing/mesh generation:



Mesh generation

The "Meshing" article is minimal, so I would like to combine the two as a single article as "Meshing" and "Mesh generation" are arguably the same thing. Are there any objections? Any thoughts on the matter?


Jonas Larsson July 10, 2006 05:30

Re: Proposal w.r.t. Meshing & Mesh Generation arti
Sounds great to me.

jasond July 17, 2006 15:21

Re: Proposal w.r.t. Meshing & Mesh Generation arti
My original post has now been read 20+ times, and since there has been only one response, so I'll assume that there is no strong opposition to the idea. There are a couple of decisions to be made:

1) Should this be kept as a single article, or should it be spit into multiple articles? Right now, there are three pages: "Meshing", "Mesh generation", and "Dimension (2D, 3D or 2.5D)". If we want a single article, I can fold the "Dimension..." article into the main article. However, there is enough material that a single page could get kind of long, so we could go with a WikiBooks style multipage article with inter-page navigation. I kind of like the idea, as this sort of organization could be helpful in some of the other areas of the Wiki as well. This does tend to go against Wikipedia style, but some of our material is not very well suited to a single article (in my opinion). Any other opinions?

2) Regardless of the organization, does anyone have an opinion as to which of the root names for the article should be kept: "Meshing" or "Mesh generation"? I am leaning towards Meshing.


jasond October 18, 2006 19:03

Re: Proposal w.r.t. Meshing & Mesh Generation arti
After some (OK, a very long) delay, I started the reorganization of the meshing articles today. Nothing has been removed, and there is some duplication. Over the next couple of days, I'll finish putting it together.

I am organizing it around a table of contents in the Meshing article, and I've put in some wikibooks style forward and back links. My idea was to (in a general way) build "chapters" that are good as standalone articles but build in some connectivity around the Meshing article. It is still a work in progress.

Any opinions or suggestions?


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