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Guillermo Marraco September 9, 2006 11:13

Writting equations on
How do you write equations on cfd-wiki?

Is there a free tool for writting the pages off-line?

Jonas Larsson September 10, 2006 05:44

Re: Writting equations on
CFD-Wiki uses a subset of LaTeX to typeset equations. LaTeX uses normal ascii formatting to describe mathematical formats, so the source text can be written in any text editor. LaTeX is a very common format in the academic world and is used by many researchers. To see how a particular formula in CFD-Wiki is written just click on "Edit" to see how the actual text looks.

For some more introduction material on CFD-Wiki equations you can look at for example:

If you want to write and see equations off-line you need access to a computer with LaTeX installed. On Windows the most common distribution is MikTex ( and on Linux/Unix the most common distribution is TeTex ( There is also a new project which might be better to use, I haven't tried it yet. It is called Tex Live (

Guillermo Marraco September 11, 2006 18:12

ReĀ²: Writting equations on

I are downloading MikTex.

I want to write the things I have needed. They are simply, but have little atention from the cfd comunity.

I gonna write it before I forget "the times that they were not obvious"...

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