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Michail October 29, 2006 00:41

To Jonas Larsson about Turbulence section
Dear Jonas

I have reviewed the Turbulence section (what was done by myself).

It's almost unreadable. Have You any suggestions?

Also I think it's time to ask Mr. William K. George for permission to place pictures.


P.S. I'm sick again. As soon as I'll recover from my illness I'll continue my work.

Jonas Larsson October 29, 2006 03:16

Re: To Jonas Larsson about Turbulence section
I'll take a look at it. I emailed Prof. George about the pictures some time ago but I don't think that I got a reply from him. I've been a bit off-line myself over the last few months due to a bad car accident in June, so things have been lagging a bit on this I'm afraid.

Michail October 29, 2006 05:10

Re: To Jonas Larsson about Turbulence section
Dear Jonas

I'll be waiting for Your recommendatios and proposals


jasond October 30, 2006 10:31

Re: To Jonas Larsson about Turbulence section
It seems to me that most of the readability issues have to do with navigation/organization. In my opinion, that is a general Wiki issue that is not specific to our Wiki. I think you have done a good job with what your additions, and I hope that you can continue to contribute soon.

A suggestion: If the ordering of material is set, it might be a good idea to do some strategic combining of pages and/or adding navigational links to move forward and backward through the material.

Are other readability issues that I am not aware of?


Michail November 5, 2006 05:57

Re: To Jonas Larsson about Turbulence section
Dear Jason

You are true.

But I'll need help with this and with ennumerating of subsections.

But now I'll just continue to fill (retyping Prof. W.K.George lectures) Turbulence section. When I'll finish this work, I'll ask You for Your help with this.

Here is the original from which I make copy


zxaar November 5, 2006 07:48

Re: To Jonas Larsson about Turbulence section
Well thinking the same issue, when I was adding pages, I added, one link like this:

Return to Numerical Methods

This at least allow reader to return to main pages once he finishes reading the topic. If the writers have kept this kind of thing, it might be easy to browse.

Further sorry that I haven't added anything for a long time, for the reason that I keep very very busy now a days. I hope I might be able to contribute something, but i really can not see me doing so before dec end.

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