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Jonas Larsson November 28, 2006 04:21

CFD-Wiki Software Upgrade Ongoing
We have recently upgraded the whole operating system on the server running CFD Online. We will soon also upgrade all software running CFD-Wiki. In the mean time some functions in CFD-Wiki might not be working fully (writing new math equations doesn't work right now, for example). I apologize for the invonvenience.

Jonas Larsson December 11, 2006 11:32

Re: CFD-Wiki Software Upgrade Ongoing
CFD-Wiki is down for the moment while we install and update the brand new mediawiki 1.8.2 software for CFD-Wiki. Downtime may be a day or two.

Jonas Larsson December 12, 2006 18:12

Re: CFD-Wiki Software Upgrade Ongoing
The new software is up and running and open to the public. CFD-Wiki is now based on the latest mediawiki version and all underlying software has been upgraded.

We have also upgraded all of the spam filters. This might cause problems for a few users that are behind non-standard compliant company firewalls etc. If you run into any trouble please email me.

The layout of the new version might also cause some troubles on some browsers. If you notice anything broken please let me know.

We have not had the time to install the math rendering yet. Hence, math markup using latex does not work. We will install it asap and post again here once it is working.

Jonas Larsson December 13, 2006 16:42

Re: CFD-Wiki Software Upgrade Ongoing
Now the math rendering with latex markup is installed and should be working. Hence, CFD-Wiki is now fully functional again. If you notice anything broken please le me know.

It feels good that we run the latest software again. Although everything should look exactly the same this new version is much newer and includes several improvements. It will also look better on the new IE 7 browser.

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