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Jonas Larsson January 29, 2007 04:39

CFD-Wiki Contributions Working for Everyone?
There hasn't been that many new contributions to CFD-Wiki after we upgraded the OS and the wiki software. When we upgraded we also installed a new anti-spam software. I just wanted to double-check if anyone of you are having any problems to contribute to CFD-Wiki after the software update?

In terms of traffic CFD-Wiki has been growing very quickly over the last year. In total visitors of CFD-Wiki today read almost 4,000 web-pages per day! Contributions hasn't grown as quickly though, almost the opposite :(

zxaar February 4, 2007 20:48

Re: CFD-Wiki Contributions Working for Everyone?
you are correct about contribution part, when we started i put lot of text in numerics and turbulence section, more than one year on, and i can see much of that is untouched. I always wished to contribute but i keep very very busy, as the time is passing i am involved in more and more projects in company. And at home, was busy writing a small navier stokes solver, which is almost finished now, and I shall soon upload that somewhere so that people can download it for learning purposes. for this reasons i could not contribute.

Jonas Larsson February 5, 2007 05:49

Re: CFD-Wiki Contributions Working for Everyone?
Lets look at this from the positive point. Thousands of people have already read and used the material that you added some time ago to CFD-Wiki. So you've already done the CFD community a great service by taking the time to add your material.

If you for the moment have your hands full with other things that is as it should be. People need to take turns and share the work in order to get CFD-Wiki up to speed again. Personally I have also had my hands full lately. I was in a fairly bad car accident in June 2006 and I'm still on rehabilitation from that.

By the way, is editing things in CFD-Wiki working for you now? You can just test it by adding something random to the Sandbox at

zxaar February 7, 2007 00:33

Re: CFD-Wiki Contributions Working for Everyone?
yes i can edit, I checked it.

(sorry for late reply).

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