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Harish February 9, 2007 12:34

Wiki Editor
Are there any editors available for writing in wiki format?.I do not use the internet often and would prefer writing offline and then copy pasting.

Jonas Larsson February 9, 2007 14:06

Re: Wiki Editor
Text and equations in CFD-Wiki are written in plain text format, so any editor that can work on just text works. If you want to be able to see your final work you will need an editor with some form of WYSIWYG mediawiki functionality. Check out for some ideas, I haven't tried anything which is not online sine it tends to be easier to just be online. If you want to create text with a lot of equations you will probably need latex installed to be able to see the final equations.

Math March 3, 2008 16:15

Re: Wiki Editor
take a look here

alsnkf April 14, 2008 17:26

Re: Wiki Editor
i want to add drop down boxes and check/text boxes on a WIKI page! Is this possible?

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