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Si June 11, 2007 09:38

Turbulence modelling section
Hi All,

I've been having a scout around the turb modelling section and I think that it would be nice to both have some more words to explain some of the models and a bit more consistency in the notation (I know this section has been mentioned for needing work elsewhere). If it could get to a level where it could be as useful as a textbook in terms of basic levels of exlanation and giving someone the ability to go off and code a simple version that would be great. I've edited the RNG model page after a few comments on the discussion, I'm quite happy to have a go at some of the other model pages to get towards this goal, but didnt want to go off editing stuff without seeing what others views of what the section should be are..?



Jonas Larsson June 11, 2007 16:57

Re: Turbulence modelling section
I'm very glad that you want to do some more work on the turbulence modeling section. It is one of the largest section, but it needs a lot of improvements. We have also talked about that we should try to improve the sections and pages we already have. I agree that the turb modeling section needs further information about the models, perhaps some introductory texts and a more consistent notation. I have started to build a table-of-content using a template. Here is the template:

and here is an example of a page where it is used:

The content of this menu is just something that I wrote as a start when I created the template. The menu certainly needs to be improved and modified. See it just as an example of how a menu system can be used to link together the various pages in the turbulence modeling section.

Jonas Larsson June 12, 2007 08:42

Re: Turbulence modelling section
I saw that you added a page about realisability. That is perfect. I missed something about that. By the way. You used a title with a capital "I" in inequality. We have tried to keep to the normal wiki standard to have a capital first letter of the title and then small caps on all later words except for names etc. that are always capitalised. I will fix it later today.

Si June 12, 2007 09:24

Re: Turbulence modelling section
Thanks for the tip - still learning some of the formatting.

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