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Roberthealy1 August 12, 2007 19:13

Citations Needed!

I'm new to the concept of CFD - Wiki and although I respect the concept and goal, I hope that in the future these pages are considered good enough to be adopted into the Wikipedia project as an excellent source of clear, concise, NPOV topics that cover the entire scope of Comuptational Fluid Dynamics that are suitable for all.

I am delighted to have an opportunity to keep CFD in my head, I have been out of the field for a year now and need to get back to that warm fuzzy feeling that only a converged solution can give!

Can someone help me with an issue that I hit one this evening? There is no "citation needed" {{Template: Fact}} in this wiki source. I tried to create one but failed dismally.


- Robert

jasond August 13, 2007 13:18

Re: Citations Needed!
While I can't help you with the template issue (maybe Jonas can), I can tell you that there has already been some transfer between CFD-Wiki and Wikipedia that has been good for the Wiki (a couple of the Numerics articles were copied into Wikipedia, some of the issues raised there were addressed here, and so on - so in the end we have better articles). At any rate, welcome to the Wiki.

Jason D.

Jonas Larsson August 13, 2007 14:42

Re: Citations Needed!
Hi Robert,

I'm glad that you are interested in CFD-Wiki. CFD-Wiki has become very frequently used and it is very well indexed by search engines like Google. Hence, many people searching for CFD information often find sub-pages directly in CFD-Wiki.

The reason we use the same license (GNU Free Documentation License) and the same software (MediaWiki) as Wikipedia is to allow us to interchange information between these two projects, but allow us to focus everything in CFD-Wiki on CFD related problems. In Wikipedia, which has no special subject, pages tend to be either very general or cover too many aspects. Here we can focus on the subject we are most interested in here, CFD.

As Jason mentioned several pages from CFD-Wiki have been transfered to Wikipedia and some pages in Wikipedia are used as references in CFD-Wiki. I'm glad if we can help develop Wikipedia also.

I checked your problem with the "citation needed" template briefly. I will try to solve this tomorrow when I have more time. The template you started needs a few additional templates to work as it does in Wikipedia. I'll post back here when I have looked at it more thourougly.

Welcome as a CFD-Wikian!

Roberthealy1 August 13, 2007 15:19

Re: Citations Needed!
Thanks Jonas,

I think that the topic of Fluid Dynamics, with its jargon-heavy concepts and descriptions is a natural candidate to be Wiki-fied.

I really like this project as I think that if it is well produced legions of engineers and scientists (student, technician, researcher junior, senior and professor) will be eternally grateful to CFD - Wiki!

I know I would have loved to have a resource like this in my college days!

Two more suggestions for when you have time: 1. On the "pop-up" that appears when a user tries to save changes to a page and has made a new internal or external link within that page, can you move it so that it appears close to the "save changes" button? This will reduce scrolling up and down the page. Also if you could change it so that if more than one link is created the equation "pop-up" is still only generated once it would be better than super cool! (My reasoning is, if bots can't calculate an equation once, then they are unlikely to get better with practise!

2. The User forum is very good, with some really interesting threads. The problem I have is that there are now so many threads that it is hard to keep track. Can topic folders be created so that "newbies" like me can focus in on threads that are of interest? I can help migrate the threads if you need someone to do that.

Thanks for your early support.

Chat soon!


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