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Roberthealy1 August 22, 2007 15:02

Sections / Topics in CFD Wiki

Does anyone have any opinions on whether we should divide the CFD Wiki into different sections and what those sections might be?

In terms of suggestions, hows about this for starters:

1. Fluid Dynamics 101; concepts, history, fundamental equations 2. Static Problems 3.1 Laminar incompressible flow 3.2 Laminar compressible flow 4. Turbulence (with all the work currently in progress by Jola and others) 5. Computational Fluid Dynamics 101 6. Meshing 7. Experimental Validation Techniques

Any other topics or sections that should be here and aren't? I think they should be as broad as possible...

Looking forward to your input,


Jonas Larsson August 23, 2007 03:42

Re: Sections / Topics in CFD Wiki
I'm not sure what you mean by dividing CFD-Wiki into different sections. What kind of sections are you refering to? The turbulence work I'm doing is to create a turbulence text-book. A wiki book is a bit different than normal wiki pages since it has an integrated navigational structure with sub-sections and sub-pages. Creating a book is good for educational material but it requires a lot of work on the structure and often needs someone who takes the main responsibility of keeping it as a book. For most topics we should probably avoid making books. Wikipedia has for example removed the possibility to make books entirely (and moved it to

Roberthealy1 August 23, 2007 04:28

Re: Sections / Topics in CFD Wiki
Sorry for the ambiguity,

I probably put emphasis on the wrong term; I am referring to the categorization of topics. For a detailed description of how this works please visit

Does this clarify?

- Robert

Jonas Larsson August 23, 2007 06:07

Re: Sections / Topics in CFD Wiki
Yea, categories are already used in CFD-Wiki. Here is a list of all categories:

The three most used categories are:

Dimensionless parameters:

Turbulence models:

And unfinished pages (stubs):

It is a good idea to categorize things more. Categories are an important way to navigate between similar pages. As we get more categories we should also start to create category trees that can be navigated... for example Turbulence models/Two-equation models/k-omega models/

So please go ahead and continue with categorizíng different pages.

jasond August 23, 2007 14:05

Re: Sections / Topics in CFD Wiki
Adding more categories is a good idea - we don't have that many now and it might help with overall organization.

One question: what do you mean by "Static Problems" and "Experimental Validation Techniques"?

Jason D.

Roberthealy1 August 23, 2007 15:17

Re: Sections / Topics in CFD Wiki
Thanks Jason,

1. Statics To quote from Frank White "Many Fluid Dynamic Problems do not involve motion"

For many engineers and scientists I think that issues of pressure are as significant as those of motion, and even though the solutions are usually far more direct than turbulence they ought to be covered.

Is "statics" a misnomer? I was referring to the concept that the fluid is not moving or motion is negligible but perhaps another term would be better?

2. Experimental Validation Techniques This was a term we used in the last place I worked to refer to testing to validate our computational results. We worked on the principle that CFD is GIGO (Garbage In Garbage Out).

I think that validation via experimental techniques such as LDV, PIV, micro-PIV and a whole host of others has a place in this wiki as much as Bernoulli, Reynolds and Euler!

As ever, I look forward to all discussions!

- Robert

jasond August 23, 2007 17:58

Re: Sections / Topics in CFD Wiki
OK. I thought you might have meant what I am used to calling "Fluid Statics", but I was not sure. Thanks for the clarification. For these two topics, I am not sure that we have any current content that fits well, which is not to say that we shouldn't. Personally, I don't think that fluid statics (as a subject are in its own right) really belongs here. We do have the Validation Cases, some of which would possibly fit into an "Experimental Validation Techniques" category. I have my doubts about that belonging here as well, but I am less certain about this than about fluid statics.

I guess my preference would be to categorize what we have right now, and add further categories as the need arises.

Jason D.

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