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Jonas Larsson September 2, 2007 09:31

Organization of "Introduction to turbulence"
Michail, I noticed that you created a new page in the "Turbulence kinetic energy" chapter. Please note that I have changed this entire turbulence section into a so called Wiki book. Either we can keep the entire chapter in one page, like I did in the Nature of turbulence chapter, or we can split it into sub-pages using "slashed" subpage names like I did in the chapter on Statistical analysis. I have so far kept the Turbulence kinetic energy chapter in one page. If you want to split it into different pages we should create sub-pages called "Introduction to turblence/Turbulence kinetic energy/Fluctuating kinetic energy", "Introduction to turblence/Turbulence kinetic energy/Rate of dissipation", ...

I hope I'm making any sence here. I'm very glad to see you back here editing CFD-Wiki again Michail!

Michail September 2, 2007 11:38

Re: Organization of "Introduction to turbulence"
Dear Jonas!

You made a great work on Turbulence section. I created a new page because it's easier for me to edit it. When I finish it You can move it anywhere You would like. In my point of view it's beteer to have small pages - it's easier for editing and reading. But it's only my subjective opinion. If You'll decide to keep it in one page - do it. I'll just continue my work for filling turbulence section, all organisation - Your initiative as You like.


Jonas Larsson September 2, 2007 11:43

Re: Organization of "Introduction to turbulence"
That sounds great. You can just continue to add things and I will try to organize it into a wiki book and add proper navigational tools etc. afterwards.

Michail September 2, 2007 12:24

Re: Organization of "Introduction to turbulence"

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