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Michail December 16, 2007 14:45

Ennumerating of equations in turbulence section
I looked through the turbulence section and noticed that equations enumeration consists only from number in section. I offer to enumerate its as done in W.K.George's book, because somewhere you can meet the link on the equations from other section.

What do You think about?

Jonas Larsson December 16, 2007 14:53

Re: Ennumerating of equations in turbulence sectio
Enumerating based on chapter number doesn't add that much in a CFD-Wiki book since chapters do not have a specific number. That is why I have left out the chapter numbers in the equation enumearation. I think that it is better to just have an equation number in the page and then refer to an equation by giving the number it has on the page and a link to the page with the page name given.

Michail December 16, 2007 15:04

Re: Ennumerating of equations in turbulence sectio
yes, it's a good idea, but I don't know how to give page link.

For example in subsection 4.5 (Intercomponent Transfer of Energy, in Turbulence Knetic Energy chapter, there are reference to the equation 3.35 (i.e. in the Reynolds averaged equations and the turbulence closure problem chapter). How do you offer to manage this?

Jonas Larsson December 17, 2007 13:22

Re: Ennumerating of equations in turbulence sectio
There is a reference to this equation a bit earlier in that page, in the Fluctuating kinetic energy subsection. To see how I made that link just look at the source.

By the way, I have kept this chapter in one page. It is always a balance between keeping a whole chapter in one page or splitting it into different pages. The larger chapters I have split, but the smaller ones I have kept in one page. This can always be changed later when we have all the text in CFD-Wiki. To start with it is easier to keep it in one page since then you don't have to make and change links to sub-pages.

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