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yNot April 5, 2008 15:00

Notation Standards and Uniformity
Hi Everyone,

I think it is about time we discuss some notation issues.

I've been reading through the CFDWiki lately and noticed some notation inconsistencies in the equations. Some authors obviously prefer vector notation while others prefer tensor notation.

The use of a uniform consistent notation would improve the quality of the CFDWiki.

The main concern I address here is the use of tensors v/s vectors (where applicable).

Since the majority of terms in the equations we deal with can be written using simple vector notation, i think the use of tensors in these cases adds an unecessary level of complexity. Of course, certain terms require a tensor representation. In that case, the tensor must be included.

It is much easier to standardize now that the Wiki is still in its early stages.

Tell me what you think.

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