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Michail March 15, 2012 13:56

Better organization of Convective Term approximation schemes
Dear colleagues!

I need your advices and suggestions how to organize Convective Term Approximation schemes section.

It have already too much information and will be improved further.

Please help, I'll be glad to get your suggestions and feedbacks

  1. First should be common fundamentals of convection term approximation. But I don't know how to start.
  2. Then some historical description (here I am lost too)
  3. Then CDS and UDS (with a historical description)
  4. Diffusivity of UDS
  5. S.Patankar scheme and Peclet number
  6. Courant–Friedrichs–Lewy condition (CFL) number
  7. How to start description of flux limiters by Boris and Book?
  8. Where Godunov theorem should be placed?
  9. A.Harten introduction of TVD-schemes (place?)
  10. Sweby diagram
  11. Lax-Wendorf and Van-Leer limiters on TVD-diagram
  12. Flux-limiters
  13. Richardson extrapolation for estimation of order
  14. High-order linear schemes
  15. Nonlinear schemes
  16. QUICK-based schemes
  17. and so on
  18. examples
Looking forward to get your opinions

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